X-Pro 2 eyecup and diopter dial

This blogpost contains affiliate links. I am a glass wearer. When shooting, I never use sunglasses. I am farsighted, so everything closes, I can see. But I have a considerable cylinder in my glasses. But I always shoot street photography without glasses. I press the camera in my eye socket, and the viewfinder is just […]

Show up and do the work

A famous saying is that you can be whatever you want. And to some degree, that is true. To be whatever you want has to do with connection, education, knowledge, and work. Many hours of hard work. And sacrifice. The 10.000 hour rule We all heard of the 10.000-hour rule, which says that when you […]

Jan the rag man | Cover for the Rabo & Co

On a clear winter morning, I photographed rag man Jan. Jan, a volunteer at the Zuiderzee Museum in Enkhuizen. He walks around the museum with a handcart full of rags. For years I have enjoyed shooting for the magazines of the Rabobank. I’ve made quite a few covers for them. Jan the rag man is […]