We live in a society where everyone lives his life. Together we use the outside space. Sometimes the little things get noticed, Small heedless things that happen all around us.

That community of people comes together in Daily Observations. Images that show who we are, raw, unaltered street photography, just the way they are.

With a keen eye, Guillaume Groen documents the streets, photographing those fleeting moments. Often with small encounters, a good chat with someone, a nice compliment or just a smile to cheer someone up.

We all live our lives often in solitude, Looking at our smartphones and do not observe the streets and our surroundings. We are always in a hurry to be somewhere. We listen to music when we walk, chat online or bike to our destinations. Closing ourselves for what happens around us. The joyful and funny moments. The moment that makes you laugh and smile. The encounter with a friend or a friendly stranger. The Wave at someone unknown in the streets.

Guillaume documents the streets and wants to show you the moments of solitude and the moments of joy, the happy moments that surround us.

He walks the streets of the world in search of those beautiful moments. Those moments that happen just once and will never happen again. Trapped in time, in a photograph. To never be forgotten and for you to see and enjoy.

Guillaume’s images are raw and pure. Street photography in it’s purest form. The small and personal meetings in the streets.

Several times per week Guillaume Groen releases new photo’s on his street photography image blog Daily Observations

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