How the sunny-16 rule helps your street photography

With today’s digital cameras, you tend to forget that photography has existed for ages until the arrival of the digital camera. Photographers use light meters to measure light to set the correct exposure for their cameras. The light from the sun has been the same for millions of years. Before light meters existed, someone discovered […]

What is street photography?

What is street photography? Is it just photographing the street? Or is it so much more? Street photography has become a metaphor for candid, unposed images taken in spaces (inside and outside) with people. It is social documentary photography, with a central subject of documenting or photographing the human condition. To me, it does not […]

X-Pro 2 eyecup and diopter dial

Fujifilm X-Pro 2 Eyecup and diopter dial

Deze blogpost bevat affiliate links. I am a glass wearer. When shooting, I never use sunglasses. I am farsighted, so everything closes, I can see. But I have a considerable cylinder in my glasses. But I always shoot street photography without glasses. I press the camera in my eye socket, and the viewfinder is just […]