About Guillaume Groen

Guillaume Groen is a determined and passionate photographer who searches for beauty and essence in the everyday. 

After working for almost 20 years in the corporate business IT world and solving IT problems in grey buildings full of hissing machines and flickering lights while sitting alone in cold aisles on the ground in between rows of thousands of computer servers Guillaume decided that it was time to reach out into the world. In search of the creativity that was pushed back waiting to come out. 

Meeting new people was never a problem. Since his youth, he was curious about the story behind the story. What makes that person interesting, And we all have a story to tell. 

When Guillaume photographs people even if they only have ten minutes he always manages to get a glimmer of the personality behind the facade of their insecurity. Sometimes they have the time to sit down and tell something about themselves. The exchange is then mutual. When that exchange is happening the portrait is so much more powerful. That is true for every person that he photographs. 

A portrait by Guillaume Groen is always a handshake, a mutual exchange of life stories. Stored in a moment in time what a photograph is. 

When photographing a documentary story that is a moment that Guillaume is able to immerse himself completely. A portrait is a short exchange between two people.
A documentary picture story is a conversation between a group of people while he is the observer. He is then able to photograph the essence and tell the story as he sees it.

He uses this when photographing for corporate business clients and in Guillaume's free work when shooting on the street observing the daily routine of the people next to you, Or creating a portrait story.  

Daily Observations is a documentary picture story of the daily routine of the person next to you. It is Street photography in it's purest form. A capture of a moment in time. A moment that will never happen again and is therefore unique. Observations of our culture today while standing on the shoulder of giants like Gary Winogrand, Henry Cartier-Bresson, Ho Fan, Joel Meyerowitz, and many others. I feel humbled by their work. But while many street documentary photographers are photographing on the street today, it is the body of work that tells the story of these times when the time is all gone.

Guillaume is always attempting to create a positive vibe within a relaxed atmosphere so that everyone is at ease and the experience is fun and positive.

Guillaume Groen(b. 1976) works from Hoorn, a town near Amsterdam in The Netherlands.



Expoost #2, Hoorn

2016 - 2017

Cafe Local, Hoorn - Daily Observations

Awards and Honors


  • Urban photo race Amsterdam - Best Theme


  • Numerous private art collections


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