It is always the hardest to say something about yourself.

After working a 'dynamic' but dull corporate IT job. I found out that life is more than just work. Stuck behind a desk and operating a computer all day stripped me of my creativity.

After 18 years I stopped my corporate IT job and finally utilized my creativity, And started photographing where my philosophy is that life needs to be an experience and the fuel is fun. Without fun, it is just dull.

Where for corporate clients I shoot b2b portraits. My documentary and street photography images are where I come to life.

Making that beautiful portrait or that awesome photo story can be impressive and strange. How often are you being photographed or is there a photographer visiting to make a compelling image story. I always create a positive vibe, and a relaxed atmosphere to make sure that everyone is at ease so that your experience is fun and positive. 



Expoost #2, Hoorn

2016 - 2017

Cafe Local, Hoorn - Daily Observations

Awards and Honors


  • Urban photo race Amsterdam - Best Theme


  • Numerous private art collections


Telegraaf, Noord-Holland Dagblad, CNV, Rabobank, vdbj_, Amvest 



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